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“T-Bone Burnett goes on a midnight drive with David Lynch”

 Lush yet rootsy. At times heart wrenching without becoming sentimental… a slight hint of irony that never gets clever. Sweet T’s voice is vulnerable and sweet but worldly; at times even a bit unsettling. And the arrangements are spectacular.


“Not since Bowie has anyone done such a beautiful cover of this John Lennon song (Across The Universe). Get this album… it is brilliant!!”

– Derek Christie, musician/songwriter

“Sweet Jesus… These sound fantastic. Sweet T’s voice is like silk. Chills. Seriously.”

– Stacey Dowswell, musician/songwriter

“This is ridiculously good.”

– Jonathan Seet, musician/songwriter

These blue dreams is that rare thing: a perfect record! Listen to this when you need to quiet your heart or still your mind. Or anytime at all. This is magic.”

– Sally McKay, musician/songwriter

Stunningly beautiful performances all round. I was transfixed from beginning to end!

– Tony Duggan-Smith, musician/songwriter, luthier

A sonic boom! And an Epic interpretation of timeless stories retold. Incredibly well-crafted.

– Matt Phillips, director of photography

“Hush & Rust has arrived! What an extraordinary and truly gorgeous body of work this recording is. The back story is so moving and the music is stunning!”

– Theresa McKay, singer/songwriter



Collaborators sweet T & brilliantfish

filter their creative expression through the lens of collective experience to re-envision 11 songs on their debut album

These blue dreams

as soundtracks to films never made.