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These blue dreams

Release Date: September 15, 2016
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“T-Bone Burnett goes on a midnight drive with David Lynch…”

What is the album all about?

sweet T wanted to give her dad something special for Christmas: an album of classic country duets – songs she had sung around the campfire with her folks when she was growing up. It was supposed to be a simple recording. Some backing tracks, basic two-part harmony. A burned CD. End of story.

But it was just the beginning.

Not content to just ‘cover’ the songs from sweet T‘s past, brilliantfish re-imagined them, creating arrangements that are often drastically removed from their traditional and classic roots. The tracks have a decidedly ‘cinematic’ feel to them, and are elevated by the superlative guitar work of veteran Toronto musician/producer Cam MacInnes. But it is sweet T‘s voice that proved the biggest surprise. Not a singer, and with virtually no experience in front of a microphone, sweet T unearthed a voice that is at once vulnerable and world weary, sometimes haunting, sometimes heart breaking, always beautiful.

The Christmas CD, Not far from the Tree, was a huge hit with sweet Ts dad – and everyone at the local Curling Club who heard it. But as the pair’s enthusiasm for their project grew, so did their song list, and as their song list grew, so did their fan base. And so, the little Christmas present grew. From a wife and husband duo, to the group Hush & Rust. From a burned CD with a couple of tunes, to the 11-track debut album, These blue dreams.

Track List

Blueberry Hill
Today I Started Loving You Again
My Blue Tears
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
Ring of Fire
I Never Will Marry
Your Cheatin’ Heart
Tennessee Waltz
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
Across the Universe
Tonight You Belong to Me


produced by brilliantfish & sweet T

sweet T: vocals, song selection
brilliantfish: arrangements, instruments, vocals
Cam MacInnes: electric & acoustic guitars, resonator, lap steel, mandolin

recorded & mixed by brilliantfish at the.noise.tank
Cam’s guitars recorded by Cam at Electric Ladybug

mastered by Peter J Moore at The ‘E’ Room

photography by sweet T
design by brilliantfish

Download the PDF book of artwork, credits and the story behind ‘These blue dreams’:

hush&rust_these blue dreams

These blue dreams PDF book

WATCH THE NEW VIDEOS for ‘Blueberry Hill’ and ‘Across the Universe’!


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Album Review

"…an amazing body of work from the vocal sounds, the vocal performances, the arrangements, the production, the playing - all first class ! I loved it from beginning to end. Great choice of material, beautiful execution of parts, lovely texturing and superb mixes... what more can I say? This deserves tons of exposure."
- Terry Brown, producer