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“T-Bone Burnett goes on a midnight drive with David Lynch”

“…an amazing body of work from the vocal sounds, the vocal performances, the arrangements, the production, the playing – all first class ! I loved it from beginning to end. Great choice of material, beautiful execution of parts, lovely texturing and superb mixes… what more can I say? This deserves tons of exposure.”

Terry Brown, producer/engineer

“The best covers reveal a depth or nuance only hinted at in the original. Hush and Rust do that beautifully. Their recordings remind you how great these songs are, and at the same time make you feel like you’ve never heard them before.”

– John Switzer, producer, musician

Lush yet rootsy. At times heart wrenching without becoming sentimental… a slight hint of irony that never gets clever. sweet T‘s voice is vulnerable and sweet but worldly; at times even a bit unsettling.
And the arrangements are spectacular.

Collaborators sweet T and brilliantfish filter their creative expression through the lens of collective experience to re-envision songs as soundtracks to films never made.

“Take a long, deep, delicious and dark bath in this beauty of a rendition (of I’m On Fire). The (Cam) MacInnes textures are so rich you won’t want dessert and they provide the perfect counterpart to a gorgeous, no punches pulled, delivery by the appropriately named sweet T.  What a joy!”

– Thomas Neuspiel, producer/engineer

“Sweet Jesus… These sound fantastic.  T’s voice is like silk. Chills. Seriously.”

– Stacey Dowswell, musician/songwriter

“This is ridiculously good.”

– Jonathan Seet, musician/songwriter

“Haunting and sublime! Their first release, “These Blue Dreams”, is that rare thing : a perfect record!!! Listen to this when you need to quiet your heart or still your mind!! Or anytime at all. This is magic:)))”

– Sally McKay, musician/songwriter

Hush & Rust has arrived…These Blue Dreams!!  What an extraordinary and truly gorgeous body of work this recording is!!!
The back story is so moving and the music…is stunning!”

– Theresa McKay, singer/songwriter

“Exotic, enchanting, stopped my thoughts in their tracks and said “listen, feel, experience music”

– Robert Best, musician, composer, PhD

“Stunningly beautiful performances all round. I was transfixed from beginning to end!”

– Tony Duggan-Smith, songwriter, musician, luthier

A sonic boom! and an Epic interpretation of timeless stories retold – incredibly well crafted.”

– Matt Phillips, Director of Photography

“Not since Bowie has anyone done such a beautiful cover of this John Lennon song (Across The Universe). Get this album… it is brilliant!!”

– Derek Christie, musician/songwriter