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We are very excited to announce our BRAND NEW SINGLE, “I’m On Fire”, a new take on the Springsteen classic from 1984.

Here is what a few people who we respect enormously have said about it:

“Take a long, deep, delicious and dark bath in this beauty of a rendition. The (Cam) MacInnes textures are so rich you won’t want dessert and they provide the perfect counterpart to a gorgeous, no punches pulled, delivery by the appropriately named sweet T.  What a joy!”

– Thomas Neuspiel, producer/engineer

“…sweet T’s vocals are a perfect foil to the Twin Peaks vibe I get from this moody arrangement – a big, sonic soundscape.”

– Terry Brown, producer/engineer

“…beautifully recorded and (sweet T) has a fantastic voice.”

– David Bottrill, producer/engineer

Available on iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify (Amazon and Google Play soon)

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